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Sci-Fi Author S. D. McKee
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About the Author

S. D. MCKEE'S genesis of an up and coming science fiction writer can be traced back to his educational background in mathematics and physics at the University of Utah. His studies and twelve years in the field of computer science as a software developer rounds out his portfolio and lends immense credibility to his writing.

His passion for writing, combined with an overactive imagination and a love of all things sci-fi, has helped him weave a tale of alternate realities and the possibilities and "what ifs" of our wonderfully bizarre universe.


"I've always enjoyed expressing my imagination through one art form or another. As a young boy, I dreamt of becoming a cartoonist and spent many an afternoon letting my mind wander across the pages of my sketch books. This led me to my first publishing experience at the age of ten, when my parents generously donated their time and money to make photocopies of a comic book I had created and which they peddled around the neighborhood, always permitting me to pocket every penny. How's that for a publishing contract? Though my career goals changed in college, I still found time to dabble in the arts, sometimes at the expense of afternoon lectures that seemed to drone on endlessly. Whether it was drawing, painting, or creating snowman accident scenes on my front lawn—for whichsome of my neighbors still look at me strange—I've always embraced my creativity, especially now as an author.

To be honest, I had never envisioned becoming a writer. But after having undertaken my first endeavor in the form of a science-fiction novel, I'm happy to report that my medium of choice has become the writer's pad, and I look forward to spinning many bizarre tales in the years to come!"


E-mail: author@sdmckee.com


A snapshot of one of my paintings.   My snowy tribute to Calvin & Hobbes

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